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Welcome to My Page!

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Hello to you! I'm... *clears throat* RISINGSUNYAMAMOTO98! :la: but known in real life as Emily! Call me that if you wish. :nod:

Misty Dreams

Just call me a SASUKE/Ninja Warrior fan! My page kinda hints that. :giggle: So yeah if you see lots of all star/shin sedai love then well... yeah that's why. DANG IT GOOFBALL SHINGO HE STARTED THIS JUST BECAUSE HE'S CUTE! :rofl:


Young Memories

Soon Fall will become winter

Shingo ♥x♥

Here are a few buttons to show you around:

Journal Contest Gallery Commission Info

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a good day! :D

SASUKE stars and hearts

Titanic Stamp by googlememanNinja Warrior - Sasuke by konfusion-with-a-k..::Stamp - Lusitania::.. by Sisori-Lotusa
Makoto Nagano-stamp by RebelshadeStamp by Kataang-furubaKatsumi Yamada-stamp by Rebelshade
Kazuhiko Akiyama-stamp by RebelshadeShingo Yamamoto-stamp by RebelshadeToshihiro Takeda-stamp by Rebelshade
Diamond Stamp by Mel-Rosey
Yamamoto butterfly

My authentic japanese name is 天海 Amami (heavenly ocean) 三千代 Michiyo (three thousand generations).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Shingo Cool

Spring Dream

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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Sasuke Rising

Reaching the Dream


Shingo!!! :^D

Sasuke Vintage

Shingo of Team Japan

Red Rose Night

Let me Shine Tonight

Shingo~ ♥

Recent SASUKE fan news

Blue heart and silver chain border by AudraMBlackburnsArt
Forgot to mention recently became friends with Kishimoto and Hioki! More SASUKE newcomers but Shingo started to cheese around me! :giggle:

Team Japan Proud

Takeda recently got his wisdom teeth removed just like me. Hope he's doing ok... :worry: Oh and the SASUKE park finally closed a few days ago. My final farewell got Shingo and Takeda's attention so I'm cool. :aww:

Evening Butterfly

I started to rewatch my old homemade videos and my face watching them... caught Nagano's attention! Once again yay more all star love! :D

Heart of the Backstream

Takeda-san liked my IOS photo album finally! YAY! :happybounce: also very awkward Shingo face incoming. XD Something to get over but also Shingo continues to like replies. YAY! XD

Shingo! XD

Takeda likes Thunderchild I think. He actually liked a picture I created! I'm so glad he likes it even though I actually don't! XD

Summer is Ending

Also I posted a picture of myself with a coke bottle that says share a coke with Emily which of course to me is like, SHARE A COKE WITH MYSELF! :la: either way BOTH Shingo and Takeda liked it so I'm VERY happy. ^^

How will he fare?

I was playing a game recently, had a list of all the competitors in SASUKE 30 that passed stage 1. I was happy to bring down the last champion Yuuji Urushihara UNFORTUNATELY the celebration was cut short because 2 seconds later Shingo Yamamoto got knocked out too! Ah well... *sighs*

My 2 favorite all stars

Thanks to Shingo's help I was able to gift Shiratori yesterday since his birthday was yesterday. Thanks for the tag team Yamamoto-san! :D

All Star

Nagano continues to like my things. Hooray so much love from the humble champion. :giggle:

Night butterfly

Team Japan again is shut out in USA vs the World but once again much love to them all the same. Shingo Yamamoto your voice dubbed of not MADE MY HEART MELT! I love you so much! :heart:

Ryo and Shingo again

And Shingo again is liking things out of me. I'm so happy you can understand me. I'll be sure to watch at least the beginning part of USA vs the World again so as I can hear your voice again. :blush:

Sasuke Dinner

My mom promised me she'd take me to see Shingo someday... I hope she can make do with it. ALSO FRIENDS WITH KACY CATANZARO! :D (Excuse my spelling since her last name is harder than Yamamoto's! O.O)

Taking the Fight to Stage 3

Ah the rest of the Shin Sedai and all stars are out on the game... Morimoto is asking for trouble but also Kanno is interacting with me now. Thanks Muscle. :)

Autumn Takeda

And Tomohiro Kawaguchi won the elimination game on his birthday! Congrats! Also Shingo liked more stuff from me! :giggle:

Vintage Love

Aww so much love from Shingo... :heart::love::heart: I hope he comes to visit the US again because he does have fans!


HOLY CRAP IS SHINGO ALL OVER ME TODAY! I made a new video for the all stars and he LOVED IT! So many likes out of him, replies, all that! How I love you so Yamamoto-san! :love:

spring sasuke

Takahashi poked me! Well ok I poked him first but he poked me back! I also poked a few others like Chih, Kanno, and I think Asa too? idk... Oh and Shingo updated a couple of times. Every reply I give to them are getting liked by him which doesn't surprise me at all! :D

Cherry Blossom Morning

Suddenly Takeda-san returns to Facebook! He liked my video as well as the rest of the all stars and also love from Nagano-san and Hioki-san who was last seen with Yamamoto-san! Keep it up I love this attention! :D

Fishing Fun

OH GOD TAKEDA-SAN IS FLOODING MY NOTIFICATIONS TAB WITH LIKES! XD Also Shingo in PROTO SASUKE 16! He took it to the 3rd stage only to fail the 2nd to last obstacle there. He achieved his personal best and was second best overall in the tourney. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! :D

All Stars

Shingo took the fight to stage 3 in STICKMAN as well. He took 3rd best which I'm so proud of! Also Takeda again has been giving so much love lately. Thank you... :blushes:

Blue is Beautiful

Happy birthday Yamada Katsumi. I'll think of something to do for ya but PLEASE CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS FIRST?!

Much Love

Should have just enough room to mention some last minute things. Lots of love from Shingo, Takeda, Nagano, Hioki, all that. Made videos for the rest of the Shin Sedai and no I'm still not friends with Yamada yet. Maybe one day...


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Working on...

Young and Determined

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I don't need to hear it. You deserve the favorites and watches I give you. :) Trust me. Don't make me change my mind! XD

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senpai is so cute... :meow::huggle: *suddenly :smooch: *
Sat Jul 18, 2015, 7:59 PM
SHINGO?! Oh gosh I'm dead even further!
Sat Jul 18, 2015, 7:39 PM
hehe, your reaction is priceless XD what would you be like if you met him on the Lusitania? XD
Sun Jun 28, 2015, 3:42 AM
Thu Jun 4, 2015, 8:18 PM
Senpai noticed me A LOT! Also WATCHING TITANIC! :D
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 5:31 PM


Jul 31, 2015
6:04 pm
Jul 31, 2015
7:24 am
Jul 30, 2015
6:56 pm
Jul 30, 2015
5:30 pm
Jul 30, 2015
4:27 pm




Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 7:34 PM

I wanted this tag! :iconrms-olympic: and Matthew got me on this one.

1. Pick a character you've created. You can pick multiple characters or just yourself if you don't have a character.

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character.

3. Tag at least four people to do this meme.(or more if you want)

4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

I call upon Lucania, Lusitania and RLE to the stand!

What is your name?

RMS Lucania! Uh... Girl... ish form. XD

LUSITANIA! :la: Yes we're ships but we're humans too! Don't get confused plz...

and I'm Emily Rose. ^^ Their... so called mother... maybe... owner?

Do you know why you were named that?

Lucania: If I knew I'd tell ya. Cunard owned me and Lusitania so ask them!

Lusitania: You better be thankful they're still around! XD

Emily Rose: Some yellow rose character I think. XD

Single or taken?

Lucania: I'm single for now.

Lusitania: Taken by Emily Rose but not this one. XD

Emily Rose: Yeah my oc form has Lusitania. I'm single too BTW.

Have any abilities or powers?

Lucania: Well I am partially a robot thanks to testing in Germany during WW2... Anyways I'm impervious to flames and poison. Trying to not get electrocuted in water however... also use dual swords.

Lusitania: fire powers... and flight.

Emily Rose: NOTHING! XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Stop being a Mary Stu

Lucania: Come again?

Lusitania: LISTEN HERE WE HAVE OUR FAULTS! I can't forget my tragedy and it still haunts me to this day so I'm PARANOID a lot, Lucania is physically disabled in water and Em is over hyper and she talks back with her parents so NO WE ARE NOT PERFECT! NO ONE IS!

Emily: Except Shingo... :love:

Lusitania: Sorry to burst your bubble Em but did you SEE SASUKE 31? He failed obstacle numero uno... 

Emily: ... shut up... XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U! What's your eye color?

Lucania and Emily: blue but... bright

Lusitania: YELLOW!

Paw Print (White) - F2U! How about hair color?

Lucania: black

Emily: blonde

Lusitania: red head

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Have you any family members?

Lucania: my sister Campania but that's all...

Lusitania: long lasting sisters Mauretania and Aquitania. :)

Emily: my mom and dad, grandparents save for one grandpa.

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Oh, how about pets?

Lucania and Lusitania: nope.

Emily: 2 cats. Peaches and Clover. :aww:

Paw Print (White) - F2U! That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

Lucania: Even though the Germans did technically save me, after learning of their actions in WW2 I don't fully like them...

Lusitania: I'm with her. They sunk me! The U-boats! :noes:

Emily: the day the all stars retire... Even Nagano is hinting at that...

Lusitania: WHAT?! :jawdrop:

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Lucania: I train with Aquitania on how to survive in water.

Lusitania: Meh I'm usually hanging with friends and girlfriend.

Emily: drawing, making videos, gushing over a Shingo post... XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Lucania: idk... I was in a coma during my reconstruction so idk what happened before that...

Lusitania: ... my sinking hurt more than just physically in some people...

Emily: easily. We're human and sometimes compulsions happen...

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Ever ... killed anyone before?

Lucania and Lusitania: *sigh* yes... we sank... we took lives with us...

Emily: not yet... unless you count the enemies in video games.

Paw Print (White) - F2U! What kind of animal are you?

Lucania and Lusitania: We're ships. We're not animals!

Emily: human...?

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Name your worst weaknesses.

Lucania: WATER!

Lusitania: paranoia...

Emily: speaking up for myself

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Do you look up to anyone at all?

Lucania: Aquitania for her teachings

Lusitania: sister Mauretania

Emily: SHINGO!!! :blush:

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Are you straight, gay, or bisexual?

Lucania: straight.

Lusitania: ... idk... bi?

Emily: straight now.

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Do you go to school?

Lucania and Lusitania: We're... ships.

Emily: not anymore! :D

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Lucania: not sure if I can produce this way...

Lusitania and Emily: One day. ;)

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Lucania and Lusitania: There's Emily. :3

Emily: Tee hee! :giggle:

Paw Print (White) - F2U! What are you most afraid of?

Lucania and Lusitania: torpedoes...

Emily: fire alarms... O.O

Paw Print (White) - F2U! What do you usually wear?

Lucania: black shirt with aqua pants, my usual set up.

Lusitania: red tank top, jeans, nothing too special

Emily: probably my Centuries shirt! XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  What's one food that temps you?

All 3: donuts...

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Am I annoying you?

Lucania: Nah! XD

Lusitania: Hold on Em I'm almost done!

Emily: Don't get your hops up Lusi. XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Well, it’s not over!

Lucania: Let's keep going!

Lusitania: nevermind!

Emily: let's continue

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?

Lucania and Emily: low

Lusitania: upper middle

Paw Print (White) - F2U! How many friends do you have?

Lucania and Lusitania: We have a fair amount. :)

Emily: if only my facebook friends counted... XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  What are your thoughts on pie?

All 3: meh...

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Favorite drink?

Lucania and Lusitania: water for us thanks. :)

Emily: VANILLA COKE!!! :la:

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  What's your favorite place?

Lucania: New York City. :) So big. :)

Lusitania: Liverpool, my voyages started there! :D

Emily: Does Bariante count? I never went but I want to! :D

Paw Print (White) - F2U! Are you interested in anyone?

Lucania: not yet.

Lusitania: EMILY!

Emily: not me! XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U! That was a stupid question. ...

All 3: not to us! XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Lucania and Lusitania: ocean any day!

Lucania: but remember I can't swim.

Emily: why isn't pool an option?! XD

Paw Print (White) - F2U! What's your type?

All 3: handle me, we're cool. ;)

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Any fetishes?

Lucania and Lusitania: THANKFULLY no.

Emily: I've partaken in such before but I don't have them.

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Seme or Uke?

Lucania: huh?

Lusitania: I don't understand...

Emily: uh...

Paw Print (White) - F2U!  Camping or indo-- BLECH!!! *BLUB BLUB BLUB CHOKE.*


Lusitania: It wasn't you! I tripped and fell on you!

Emily: ... uh... is he dead...?


I'm tagging: ... idk... no one but do it if you want. XD

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SASUKE Fan by heart ~<3

Blue heart and silver chain border by AudraMBlackburnsArt
SASUKE 31 competitor #84 by RisingSunYamamoto98
My dream is to hopefully meet the SASUKE all stars... and compete alongside them... and prove girls can complete the course even now! :D


Also I attempted to sketch a picture of me and Shingo Yamamoto... It looked meh to me but to everyone else INCLUDING SHINGO HIMSELF he LOVED IT! I FEEL COMPLETE!!! :heart: HE WENT FARTHER BY SAYING IT HIMSELF HE LOVED IT! :faint: Now I'm even more whole... :aww:

Crazy fun all stars

OH SNAP MAKOTO NAGANO STARTED TALKING TO ME! :O_o: Holy crap what a huge honor! He's happy as he states and now I am too! :D


Also me and Shingo are in the midst of a poke war! :la: I kinda started it because of a misclick but I'm glad I did! XD

Fall forest walk

I also recently made videos for Shingo, Takeda, and Nagano. Especially happy about it was Nagano. HE LIKES ENYA SONGS! LIKE ME!!! :D

After Nagano shared ALL 3 of my videos here comes Takeda doing the same thing! :D TAKEDA TOSHIHIRO!!! :D


Nagano's been noticing my artwork as of lately! :D I feel honored! :D

All Stars

Adding onto the new add, Shingo is also looking into my pictures... :aww:

Puppy Love

and a thank you from SHINGO HIMSELF?! SWEET! Oh and Kenji Takahashi is now friends with me. :)

Levi and Shingo

Keitaro Yamamoto and Hiromichi Sato are friends with me in light of SASUKE 30 airing in a few hours! Also new video out and Yamamoto-san loved it! :D Oh and Nagano-san too. :aww:

Red hearts and Roses

Shingo is alright but he did nearly drown at the backstream... :worry: I hope he clears it next time... Ryo nearly achieved total victory... Also became friends with Ijima! :D

SASUKE all star friends

I actually just yesterday made a video for Yuuji Urushihara and he liked and commented on it! :D HE KNOWS ENGLISH TOO PEOPLES! IDK how much though. :happybounce:

OH GOODNESS Shingo said hi to me! :D GAH Hi to you you little goofball! :giggle:

SASUKE all star Yamamoto

TAKEDA-SAN DIVORCED?! But... WHY?! He was JUST FINE not too long ago... I wonder how he's doing without (insert ex-wife's name here)... Oh CRAP OCE DON'T GO DATING HIM! XD

a Japanese Dream

Forgot to mention Shingo thanked me just yesterday about his golfing game. Aww you! You're welcome to talk to me when you wanna! :giggle:


QM stay still but I'm finally friends with the final Shin-Sedei Hitoshi Kanno! :D Now I'm waiting for Yamada...

Also seems I found the ACTUAL Hiromichi Sato... oops I found someone else beforehand! XD Also apparently he's got too many friends but I'm following him like a hawk! THAT'S WHY NAOKI IKETANI COULDN'T ACCEPT MINE EITHER! Too many friends! I understand it now! (I'm surprised Shingo doesn't have an overflow by now... XD)

Purple Night in SASUKE 23

Speaking of Shingo he liked more replies outta me and Nagano liked a photo I shared! Getting some love over there! :D Now if only Takeda posted more so I can shower him with love too! I'll chain OCE so she doesn't mangle him! XD

Relief butterfly

Yamamoto and Kanno

Shingo had a wonderful birthday but he MAY have gotten a bit drunk. IDK THOUGH! XD Also Nagano liked one of my comments and Yamamoto too. ;)

Silver Night

I recently got a few more friends on facebook including Levi and Kasmir just today. :) Getting some American love now but that isn't stopping Shingo from liking every reply I give to his stuff! XD

All Stars!!!!

OH YEAH and I made videos for the Shin Sedai and all stars recently! Kenji Takahashi liked BOTH videos, Nagano and Shingo liking the all star one, and Yuuji, Kanno, and Asa liking the Shin Sedai one. HEY TAKEDA AND RYO! WAKE UP!!! XD I MADE VIDEOS FOR YOU 2! XD

Recently I got some love coming from Takeda, Nagano, Takahashi, and just today, SHINGO! :D Even my WAKING UP post got Yamamoto's attention! That alone made me smile. :aww:

Autumn Night

Shiratori recently went to the SASUKE PARK! I thought it was just Yamamoto going there! Also Nagano recently got nominated for the Ice bucket challenge. Hope he nominates me! :D

Triumph, or Loss?

A lot of attention from Nagano, Takeda, and Shingo today. :aww: Nagano has hit his 5,000 facebook friends cap so... Congrats? XD Oh and Takeda and Shingo look super cute as they always do. :)


Alright I give I gotta ask this... It's another Ninja Warrior question... favorite of the allstars? (you haven't seen it? I'm leaving links to all 6 so you can get a jist of what they've done. ;) 

Who's birthday is it?

Silver Heart And Rose Divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Next OC birthday: Indianapolis
Age: 70
Birthday: July 30th

Deceiving Little girl 31 a year later by RisingSunYamamoto98
Silver Heart And Rose Divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Next SASUKE birthday

Yuuji Urushihara
Age: 37
Birthday: August 21st

HappyBday by KmyGraphicHappyB by KmyGraphic
Silver Heart And Rose Divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt


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